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Resale Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to property listed for sale by the Vendor (“The Owner”) of the property with Sun Homes Overseas Ltd/Sun Homes BG Ltd. (“SHO”).

  • SHO agrees to provide a re-sale service for the property of The Owner on a non exclusive basis.
  • SHO will be responsible for marketing the property within our offices, websites and marketing agents.
  • The owner agrees to grant SHO access to the property in order to take picture updates of the property and tour potential buyers around the property.
  • The owner hereby agrees that the property is free of any debts or burdens and is registered in Bulgaria.
  • The owner agrees to provide copies of the notary deed on request by SHO.
  • Where required, the owner may wish to grant a power of attorney to SHO to complete the transfer of the purchase on the owners behalf.
  • SHO will not charge an up-front listing fee, however we will charge a commission on a successful sale of a property.
  • SHO will charge a commission of €2,500 or 5% of the final sale price, whichever is greater.
  • SHO may also market the property through their network of sub-agencies.
  • Where a property has been sold through the sub-agency, the owner agrees that SHO may increase the selling price in order to accommodate commission for the sub-agency.
  • Where a property has been sold through a sub-agency SHO will ensure the same NET price is returned to the owner.
  • Where a sale is agreed on the property SHO will take an initial non-refundable deposit from the buyer. The Agent will retain this deposit as an advance of commission payable on successful sale to this buyer. In the unlikely event that the buyer withdraws from the transaction, in breach of the reservation agreement, then the Vendor will receive 50% of the deposit, the balance being retained by SHO for time and expenses incurred.
  • The owner agrees to allow SHO to take payment of their commission from the collected reservation fee.
  • The owner agrees to pay any outstanding commission to SHO within 7 days of receiving an invoice from SHO
  • The owner agrees that they are responsible for payment of any taxes due on the sale of the property.